30L Skinny Heart

This is great 4th of July Star heart door hanger. Red, white and blue stripes. Hand painted and clear coated for extra protection. They are adorned with a coordinating ribbon. Size: 31×20

9F Porch Board

This red and white porch board is the easiest way to decorate your front porch on valentines day. Love in white lettering and a red pink and white blend heart to represent the “O”. Size: 48×8

9E Porch Board

This white porch board is bound to fit right in on your front porch. “Love” is decorated with a red pink and white blend heart. Size: 48×9

9D Porch Board

A porch board… A quick and easy way to decorate the front of your house or your front porch. This red board has a pink and white heart with the words “Be Mine.” Size: 48×8


Hugs and kisses in art form. XO in red with white polkadots and stripes. With gold detail and a gold ribbon. Size: 15×32


Hugs and kisses in art form. XO in red and black with polkadots and stripes. And silver detail. Size: 15×32


Hugs and kisses in art form. XO in pink and white with polkadots and stripes. And gold detail. Size: 15×32

8H Heart Trio

These three hearts are all unique. But all have the black and white color scheme. And if thats not enough, a red bow is added to the top. Polkadots on the top heart. “Love” on the second, and black and … Read More →

8F Heart Trio

What’s better than two or one? Three obviously! First and third hearts are pink with white polkadots and black swirls. The middle heart is white and pink stripes and a white border with black dots.  Size: 15×32

8E Heart Trio

Triple the hearts, triple the fun. Two red and black polkadot hearts and a black and white blend middle heart. Topped with a black and white ribbon.  Size: 15×32