59F Flat Pumpkin

Flat pumpkin with white and gold striped stem. Has gold details for the face.  Size: 0x0

67E Pumpkin

Black and white buffalo plaid pumpkin with orange ribbon. Size: 24×18

67D Pumpkin

Black pumpkin with white polkadots. Size: 24×18

67C Pumpkin

White jack-o-lanter with black face. Size: 24×18

67B Pumpkin

Orange pumpkin with white filagree. Size: 24×18

67A Flat pumpkin

Flat pumpkin in cream with metallic gold stripes. Size: 0x0

59E Flat Pumpkin

White flat pumpkin with orange and yellow chevron, with black and white details.  Size: 0x0

59D Pumpkin

Orange pumpkin with black stripes that are outlined in white.  Size: 24×18

59C Pumpkin

White pumpkin with black outline, orange eyes and nose.  Size: 24×18

59B Boo

Boo door art. Spider web on the “B” and blood shot eyes are the “O’s”.  Size: 18×23