49G Skinny Tree

Skinny tree with red and green stripes.  Size: 10×43

52N Tri Tree

Red and black buffalo plaid triangle shaped tree. Size: 29×17

45M Stocking

Black and white buffalo plaid stocking with natural color ribbon. Size: 26×15

45L Stocking

Red stocking with white filagree and a fun ribbon. Size: 26×15

47N Gingerbread Man

Brown and white buffalo plaid gingerbread man with a red heart and a red ribbon. Size: 28×22

53J Tree

Lime tree with small white polkadots. Size: 20×26

49A Skinny Tree

Black and cream striped skinny tree. Size: 10×43

47M Large Candy Cane

Large red and white buffalo plaid candy cane. Size: 35×18

50P Round Ornament

This Merry Christmas ornament with cream with gold stripes and has a fun ribbon. Size: 25×22

53K Grinch Tree

Red grinch tree with white filagree. Size: 20×26