57D 6 Petal Flower

6 Petal flower in black with blue brushstrokes, a white center with black polkadots. Size: 23×25

57E 6 Petal Flower

6 Petal flower in red with white brush strokes and a yellow blended center.  Size: 23×25

57F 6 Petal Flower

Hot pink flower with blue center with a glitter swirl and lime dots around.  Size: 23×25

57H Whimsy

Whimsy flower with yellow, orange, blue, hot pink and lime brush strokes.  Size: 16×24

65I Tulip

Red tulip with black and white buffalo plaid for stem. Size: 0x0

65H Flower in pot

Aqua flower in pot with orange center. Pot is in black and white buffalo plaid. Size: 0x0

65G Flower With Stem

Yellow flower with fun center and stem in black and white polkadots and stripes. Size: 21×17

65F Sunflower

Orange sunflower base with brush strokes of purple, white and a aqua and black center. Size: 24×25

65E Whimsy

Fun whimsy in hot pink with orange and peach brush strokes with a white and black polkadot center. Size: 26×24

63B Tulip

White tulip with yellow, pink and orange brush strokes. Lime green stem with white details. Size: 0x0