35E Ice-cream Cone

A bright and whimsical ice-cream cone for your front door. Hand painted in red, turquiose, peach, lavender and beige. Clear coated for extra protection.  Size: 29×15

35B Welcome

A generic door art hanger for anytime of the year. This one is in lime, white, coral and turquoise. Hand painted and clear coated for extra protection.    Size: 30×12  

3I Balloons

A bundle of 3 party balloons. One hot pink and the other two white with gold polkadots. And of course ribbon to match. Size: 21×23

3B Candle-To You

Birthday candle with pink, blue, orange and purple stripes. Hang on your door or lean against a wall to decorate for your special day! Size: 34×10

3D Cupcake-Either

A cupcake decorated for any birthday celebration. Green with white blend and a blue liner with white blend. Topped of with a red and white swirl cherry.  Size: 23×23

3C Cupcake-Border

A cupcake decorated for any birthday celebration. Blue cupcake with a purple and white striped liner. A black with white polkadot boarder and a red and white striped ribbon with a red cherry to top it all off. Size: 23×23

3A PB-Happy Bday

PB stands for porch board. This one specifically decorated in pink, orange, blue, and purple. Perfect for your front door or as a decoration.   Size: 48×8

2J Presents-Boy

Stack of 3 presents decorated with different shades of blue. Perfect for birthdays, parties, or celebrations.   Size: 20×17

2I Presents-Either

Stack of 3 presents with purple, yellow, blue, and finished with an orange bow. Easy decoration for any birthday, party, or celebration.  Size: 20×17

2H Presents- Girl

Not one, not two, but three present stacked on top of one another. Perfect for any birthday, party or celebration.   Size: 20×17